About Us

Welcome to ALL Dogs Sitting!

During a stay with me, your dog will be safe and happy. The morning will always start with breakfast and exercise before a day of relaxing, playing, and napping! We will always hit the park or go on a long walk to get our energy out. After an adventure we will hang around the house, playing, watching T.V., or enjoying some quiet time or even nap time. Whatever your pup needs to feel comfortable at home, I will be happy to provide. ​

With experience caring for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities, I’m confident in the care of pups that need a little extra attention and love! From tiny to large dogs, aggressive or stubborn pups, to dogs that need medical care, I love it all. I have also taken care of multiple pups who need medications one to two times daily, as well as many dogs with allergies, injuries, and behavioral issues like separation anxiety. In addition to my care of dogs, I’ve watched cats, hamsters, and rats! I’d be happy to care for these animals too!

I understand how hard it is to be away from your furry friend so I’ll be in consistent communication, sending text, photo, and video updates so you know how much fun your pup is having in my care. I always make sure to keep you updated on accidents that might happen, if your pup is feeling anxious, and what sort of activities and exercise we’re up to! I hope to have a respectful and symbiotic relationship, creating a partnership of trust and care.